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M1885 US Army Dress Coats


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After quite a few years of searching, I finally snagged a nice cavalry dress coat to round out my M1885 coat collection. It's pretty hard to find the space for uniforms, so I decided to keep at least one for each of the main branches and picked the ones that had rank chevrons.


L to R: Cavalry Sgt, Artillery Corporal, and Infantry Sgt.





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US Victory Museum

Quality is not expensive; it's priceless!


It's what separates dedicated collectors from hoarders.  I'd rather have a small

collection of pristine uniforms than a pile of mediocre.  It would appear that you

share the same sentiment.   Acquire, and then trade up.


I am reminded of an adage my old high school Latin teacher was fond of saying,

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."   I, as well as others on the forum,  eagerly

await additional photos from your collection.


Thank you for sharing!


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Good call on keeping the NCOs.  I always enjoyed the gold trim on those dress uniform ranks vs the plain chevrons on the blouse / overcoat.

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Great job,

 Those look very appealing to the eye's.

Eye Candy!!!!


Semper Fi


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