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NASA Houston Texas


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Went to Texas for The holidays and my wife’s mother lives a couple of miles from the Space center so had a very pleasant day out there.

I will post some of my better pictures of the field trip today and let them do the talking.




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Very cool. I grew up about an hour away and had family friends that used to work for NASA. I’ve been on several tours including one behind the scenes that included access inside historic mission control where I was able to sit at consoles used throughout Apollo to the early shuttle program. Here’s a patch from the fire department back before it became Johnson Space Center. It was originally called Manned Space Center.  The astronauts used to fly the T-38’s over to our local airport to shoot approaches and do touch and goes. Seeing them in the area was pretty common when I was growing up. You’d even see the “Vomit Comet” on occasion. Sharing airspace with astronauts was a novelty when I went through flight training for my license. 


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This is where collectibles are born


Heading across the bridge to mission control there’s an alligator with his Turtle friends guarding it.


The main Nasa is a massive campus 




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When I first seen the rocket 20 odd years ago it did not have the building surrounding it.

The rocket was in bad shape with visible signs of weathering taking hold.

Thankfully it’s been fully restored with a protective cover preserving it for future generations.

My boy was very excited to get in and see it.





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