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90th ID Map Case /w contents incl. ST. HILAIRE tactical Map

Persian Gulf Command

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Persian Gulf Command

Want to share this 90th ID Map Case with contents including  a 1:25:000 tactical map of St. Hilaire where the division advanced in the beginning of August.  In addition to the map are pencils and a rectangular protractor.  All comments and question are welcome.












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Thats pretty neat. Let me know if you ever decide to part with it. Id love to put it on display with an officer I have from that unit.


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I'm not so sure that the markings on that indicate use by someone in the 90th Infantry Division.  When it comes to identifying or describing a unit, usually it goes company, regiment then division which makes sense because there is only one E company in each regiment. On the other hand, there is at least four or five E companies (if not more) in an infantry division. Each one of those E companies are assigned to a division's infantry regiments, medical, engineer and other support units.  It wouldn't make alot of sense to mark it with a company and division designation because the markings don't indicate which E company from the 90th Division's sub-units the item belongs. So (to me at least) those markings indicate E Company, 90th Infantry Regiment. There was a 90th Infantry Regiment in WW2. It was involved in ski and mountain warfare training and did not go overseas.  

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