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The Joy of Christmas


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Thanks guys! These are made by William Hocker, a California based maker, who produces in the style of Britains Ltd. He has been around since at least the early 80’s. His main range was producing sets that Britain’s never made, to include a Boer War Balloon section. He later expanded into US themes such as these Boxer era Marines. Although photo evidence shows these may not be 100% accurate in their depiction, they are still a favorite of mine and he did include their Colt. 

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That is great, I love it! Used to admire the Britains and other makes at a shop years ago. The packaging is as nice as the figures!

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John,  Great picture of your family Christmas 56 years ago, thanks for sharing.   If you're the guy in red (rather than the guy that took the snapshot) we're about the same age.


Merry Christmas sized.jpg

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Persian Gulf Command



  Yep that's me in the red.  My dad who took the picture was a WW2 vet who served in the Persian Gulf Command, thus my avatar here on the FORUM.


   Here was my Christmas Gift that year: 


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John,  Great photos, thanks for sharing them!  Your neat family photos of Christmas 1964 motivated me to start a post.   Would you mind posting your photos, words and what looks like your really cool toy C130 there as well?  The title of that thread for anybody not familiar with Christmas music of that era is a line from "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and that is the order of the day for all.   After this year, we absolutely need some Christmas cheer!    


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Love the photo of Persian Gulf Command holding that tin toy aircraft.....looks like a DC-7 or maybe a Lockheed Electra ..those tin airplanes were so popular....love seeing the dime store selections posted!

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Well it’s taken two years, but I finally got the companion set to the US Marines 1900….the large Boxer set by William Hocker of California. Pretty pleased with how they turned out and should look good paired together. He even armed one of them with a wall gun 






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