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Cleaning rust and verdigris. How do you do it?


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I have a couple recent Type 1 M1956 ammo pouches I recently acquired. The unissued clean one came from a trusted vender. The crusty rusty slightly used one from a local antique store. What I would like to know is how would you folks recommend I clean that up? In the past I have tried to be very careful with stuff like Hoppes gun cleaner and small brushes. But usually end up wit some staining on the fabric. Thanks for your input.




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The first thing I would do, is get some 3 x 5 index cards, or similar, and slide them between the loop / mounting plate and the canvas.


That way, anything you do won’t go onto the canvas.


I would then use a clean stiff-bristled brush, maybe an old toothbrush, and brush all of the loose corrosion, grime, etc, off.


Then use a light lube / preserver, like Ballistol, to clean it.  I never spray directly on the piece, as it’s a little hard to control.  So I spray it on cotton swabs or patches, and don’t use too much.  If you use enough to make it wet, capillary action can pull it under the edge of the hardware and soak it into the canvas.  


Good luck.

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