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8th Armored Infantry Battalion Platter

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8th Armored Infantry Battalion Platter

I’ve had this Sterling silver platter since I was in high school in the late ‘70’s. It is engraved:


Mr. & Mrs. L. L. RUSSO

June 30, 1944




The reverse is marked, “P.S. Co. STERLING” that looks to be from the PREISNER SILVER COMPANY, Wallingford, CT., apparently started in 1935.

The Platter is about 9 5/8 inches in diameter and weighs about 7 ounces on a non-official postal scale.

The 8th Armored Infantry Battalion was organized, 10 Sept 43 at Camp Campbell, KY. It arrive in France –ETO 17 Feb 45- credited with Central Europe campaign. Inactivated 2 April 1946, Camp Hood, Texas.

It has been hanging in my old bedroom (at my parents) since I got it. Prior to my ownership, it was not well taken care of, small dents, scratches and the like. I never polished it, so it has 75+ years of tarnish on it.

I haven’t any idea who or why “Mr. & Mrs. L. L. RUSSO” was so dear to the Battalion that they were given the platter.

Thanks for looking,







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