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My haul from the local surplus store yesterday.


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Hit a local surplus store yesterday and came away with a few great finds for my collection. Was very surprised to find the Universal ammo pouches, he had a bin with several, and I picked out two of the nicest ones with different markings in them, then I saw the M1956 H harness sticking out from a bunch of nylon web belts. I was really happy to see it was attached to a cotton duck 2nd pattern? (has the vertical weave) M1956 web belt! But the best surprise was when I dug into those nylon belts, thirsty for more cotton fabric goods, and at the bottom of the box came up with not one, BUT TWO M1961 USMC snap belts! And all this came home with me for under $50.00. Any further info you guys can tell me about this gear is appreciated. 




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About 20 years ago I was at a show and picked up a full rig, including an attached shovel and cover.


I had a dealer look at it while I took it back to may table, and he just about fell on the floor laughing.  "Who's going to buy that junk?  Nobody wants it."


I just smiled and walked away.  Even then I had an immediate buyer, and I was going to triple the money I spent on it.  Who's laughing now?


I remember the large ammo pouches.  We just referred to them as M14 pouches.  You could store all kind of stuff in them.  I had mine loaded to the brim when went to the field.  Or, I would just carry my M16 mags in one and "field food" in the other.   Not very military, but in Cold War Germany, it was all fun and games anyway.

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