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Rare and very beautiful Order of the Dadalians ring to early aviator

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I have seen 2 of these; one I passed on when it was offered to me by a guy who is an estate picker (Best I can recall the one I passed on ended up with Cliff P and is shown on Bob's great website http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/wwi/cpmorrisring.shtml here). I can attest, that these wings are a REAL work of art. At the time I passed on it, I liked the ring, but simply did not know enough about them and was trying to keep my interests more focused. When I saw it again, I slapped my head and said "Damn! Foiled again by my own ignorance!"


Then, last year, I got this one offered to me under similar circumstances (a dealer in estate jewelry). It is the Order of the Daedalians ring that belonged to Capt Lucas V Beau (he retired as a Maj Gen in the late 40's early 50's). Capt Beau was one of the original 20 or 30 founders of the Order of the Daedalians in 1934. I should have bought the first one, but I was a dunderhead and passed...not so on the second one.


"The Order of Daedalians honors, as its Founder Members, all WW I aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than the Armistice on 11 November, 1918."


The ring has the motif of the Daedalins on the top and then a very neat WWI style wing/aeroplane on the side. In the band, is engraved Beau's name and rank. The ring was made by BB&B and is 10K gold. During WWII, I believe the mold for the ring was lost or destroyed. This is still an active Order but I think it is rather rare to see these early rings around. Sure, not exactly a FLIGHT badge, but it has wings on them and it is associated with an early military aviator, so forgive me Moderators if I have strayed.




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I tried to get some good shots of the interior engraving. It says: Capt L V Beau and then below that, Air Corps I think it is also marked BB&B and 10K. All in all, a very nice ring from a very well known fraternal Order to an early WWI/post WWI aviator.





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Here is a bit of history about Gen. Beau:


Courtesy of the United States Air Force


Retired August 1955, Died October 22, 1986


Lucas Victor Beau was born in New York City in 1895. He served with the New York National Guard as a corporal on border patrol duty from June to December 1916.


Appointed a flying cadet in August 1917, he entered the School of Military Aeronautics at Cornell University, and the following March he became an instructor at Eberts Field, Arkansas. A month later he entered gunnery school at Wilbur Wright Field, Ohio, and in June 1918 he was commissioned a temporary second lieutenant in the Air Service. Going to France that September he served at St. Maxient, and later that month entered the Pursuit School at Issoudon, becoming a ferry pilot with the Third Army Interceptor Command there in December 1918.


The following February General Beau was assigned at Mitchel Field, New York, served from March to November 1919 as recruiting officer and instructor at Hazelhurst Field, New York, and then returned to Mitchel Field. Commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Service, Regular Army July l, 1920, he was immediately promoted to first lieutenant. Assigned at Langley Field, Va., from May to October 1921, he then returned to Mitchel Field for duty with the First Observation Squadron. A year later he joined the Air Service Headquarters Detachment at Bolling Field, Washington D.C., becoming engineer and supply officer of the 18th Headquarters Squadron there in July 1924, and assuming command of it a year later.


Going to the Philippine Islands in November 1926, General Beau was engineer officer at Kindley Field, joining the Second Observation Squadron there in March 1927. He became an instructor for the Colorado National Guard at Denver in July 1928; entered the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field, Alabama, in August 1933, and graduated the following June. Joining the Fifth Composite Group at Luke Field, Hawaii, in October 1934 he assumed command of the 50th Observation Squadron there.


Transferred to March Field, California, in September 1936, General Beau was personnel officer, assuming additional duty as civilian procurement officer the following January. Two years later he entered the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field, Alabama, for the Special Naval Operations Course, and upon completion of the course he resumed his duties at March Field. In May 1939 he became adjutant of the First Wing, Air Force

General Headquarters there, becoming personnel and intelligence officer for the First Wing two months later, and executive officer in January 1940.


That March General Beau was appointed assistant chief of the Personnel Division in the Office of the Chief of Air Corps, Washington, D.C., and four months later he was named chief of the Officers' Section, Personnel Division, becoming chief of the Personnel Division in July 1941. Assuming command of the San Bernardino Air Depot, California, in February 1942, he became chief of staff of the Air Service Command at Patterson Field, Ohio, in November 1943.


Ordered to the Mediterranean Theater in March 1945, General Beau assumed command of the Mediterranean Air Transport Service in Italy, and the following September he was transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany, to organize transportation service for the European Theater.


On October 1, 1947, Genera Beau was appointed national commander of the Civil Air Patrol at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. He retired from active duty Aug. 31, 1955, and was recalled the following day in his former capacity.


His decorations include the Legion of Merit. He is rated a command pilot, combat observer, aircraft observer and technical observer.




He was promoted to captain April 4, 1933; to major (temporary) March 12, 1935; to major (permanent) Jan. 28, 1940; to lieutenant colonel (temporary) March 15, 1941; to colonel (temporary) Jan. 5, 1942; to lieutenant colonel (permanent) May 31, 1942; to brigadier general (temporary) April 27, 1943; to major general (temporary) Oct. 22, 1947; to colonel (permanent) April 2, 1948; to brigadier general (permanent) July 21, 1952.


General Beau was buried with full military honors in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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The charter Members who organized the Order of Daedalians on 26 March 1934 are:


Capt Banfill, Charles Y.

Capt George, Harold Lee

1st Lt McReynolds, Edwin R.

Capt Barker, John D.

Capt Gothin, Oliver P.

Capt Meloy, Vincent J.

Capt Beau, Lucus V.

Capt Hamilton, Arthur G.

Capt Moon, Odas

1st Lt. Birnn, Roland

1st Lt Horton, Clarence F.

Capt Moore, John I.

1st Lt Blackburn, Lloyd C.

1st Lt Howard, Charles H.

Capt Palmer, George M.

Capt Carter, Warren R.

Capt Kenny, Cornelius J.

Capt Patrick, John B.

Capt Curry, James T., Jr.

Capt Kiel, Emil C.

Capt Ramey, Howard K.

1st Lt Dawson, Leo H.

1st Lt Landers, Sigmund F.

Capt Skow, Charles T.

Capt Eaton, Samuel C., Jr.

Capt Ligget, Arthur G.

Capt Sweeley, William R.

Capt Eglin, Frederick I.

Capt Martenstein, Austin W.

Capt Thompson, Bernard S.

Capt Gardner, John H.

1st Lt McGregor, Kenneth C.

1st Lt Whitten, Lyman P.

1st Lt Gates, Byron E.

Capt McMullen, Clements


More info here: http://www.daedalians.org/about/history.htm

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Very cool Patrick!


Mr. Beau also had LIC# 2289 Aviator (Aeroplane) from the Aero Club of America. He is also listed as a military member of the club as of 1919.




Always looking for Wings & Named Air Medals!

Motto: To Collect, Preserve, and Remember!







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Very interesting item!


Maybe a little odd to add to this thread, but I ran across a photo of his headstone on the FIND A GRAVE site. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?p...Ipi=829562&




" We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. "

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Great piece. Have never seen one before. Congrats!


"I have only two men out of my company and 20 out of some other company. We need support, but it is almost suicide to try to get it here as we are swept by machine gun fire and constant barrage is on us. I have no one on my left and only a few on my right. I will hold." (Message sent by 1st Lt. Clifton B. Cates. USMC, 96th Co., Soissons, 19 July 1918 - later 19th Commandant of the Marine Corps 1948-1952)

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