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Unique Husband and Wife solid gold naval aviator wing pair


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A fantastic husband and wife naval aviator pair of wings in gold. Isaac Stockton Keith Reeves IV was born in Washington DC, 6 April 1903 to a Naval family. He attended the US Naval Academy and graduated in 1925 as aviator 3604. He began his service aboard battleships and cruisers but was later assigned to aviation training in 1929. This was very small training year as only 66 aviators graduated from Pensacola.

In 1926 he married Eva H Lillie in Manhattan.

Following his graduation, he served numerous posts on many patrol and observer squadrons aboard the Langley, Saratoga, Aroostook (airplane tender supporting Atlantic crossing) and Thrush (seaplane tender). His last post was in Pearl Harbor with VP-8 and VP-18. He was on the promotion list to Lt. Cmdr in 1940.

In the summer of that year, he suffered from some form of medical crisis which led to his being shipped immediately back to the mainland and then on to Washington DC. He died on 24 Nov 1941 and is buried in Arlington VA.

The two wings are extremely fine quality. The first is a Robbins 14K early model with the English style hallmarks. It is engraved "ISK Reeves 12 8 29." The second wing was a gift from Isaac to Eva. It is a Bailey Banks and Biddle 18K model. It is engraved "ELR from ISKR 1931". The BB&B card came with the lot. I have not been able to find any info about the salesman.






DSC03189 (1).jpeg

luckybag1925unse (1).jpeg




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Great find and top notch research Tod!
Top shelf BB&B Aviator wing badges are getting really tough to find.


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This is a really, really wonderful grouping representing one of the hardest to find and least understood periods of American Naval Aviation history!


Congratulations, and thank you for sharing!



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