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collar insignia for 36th Engineer?


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I have received two service coats and a shirt of which one coat (1942) and the shirt have 36th Engineer and 1st Service Command patches and no collar insignia while the other service coat (1940) only has collar insignia - US and INFANTRY.  Two brothers were in service and the jacket with patches also has laundry mark so I know the shirt and that jacket is one brother.  The other jacket with infantry (screw back) collar insignia could be the other brother or same brother but no markings on jacket to confirm.  I would put the insignia with the patched jacket and shirt if that would be correct.  


What collar insignia would a 36th Engineer (Combat) regiment be adorned with - ENGINEER or INFANTRY?  The 36th served as infantry under different divisions during WWII but I do not know the criteria for issuance and wearing of the collar insignia.

Ive tried to find period photos but no luck.


Thank you for any information on this;

Ive also confirmed brother's membership in the 36th Engineers by finding the serviceman in the 1942 Fort Bragg book on line at the 36th website.


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William J Burmester. the coat also contained ribbon bars - good conduct, american defense and EAME w/4 stars.

36th Engineers Combat - Company E.jpg

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If i use the same logic as the medical detachment of the unit which wore medical insignia on the collar i would say they had infantry insignia but from what I am reading about the engineer combat regiments they went into the theater as engineers but at times served on the lines as infantry.  Does anyone know of a resource that would show me a picture of serviceman coat of a engineer combat regiment vet that was a member of similar unit as the 36TH?

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