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120mm M103 Heavy tank ammo


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Posting pics of a 120mm AP round. This one blue, a practice gunnery round. A massive round, 52” tall. It was seperate loading, tank gunner inserted the projectile into breech, then the massive brass casing. The 120mm gun originated as a 50,000ft plus AA gun, in the late 50’s designed it into the M103 Heavy tank. The Marines finally ditched the massive M103 tank in the late 70’s.4EE87FAC-5CF4-4560-A4DD-0A97B8DCFDFB.jpeg.76476fca6788666d61a6032f5f2dc678.jpeg

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Another pic for size comparison. My C76BC7F3-B562-49F2-B792-12C706A9798D.jpeg.c980ef97534821daba853b7c660faf0e.jpegBlack 120mm AP ( same as my blue practice round, but has a hardened steel bolt) pictured next to a modern era 120mm kinetic AP. 50’s tech vs 2000 tech. 2700 FPS vs 5,000 FPS.

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Have just the projectile of the 120mm . Let's say it is something not to stub your toe against as I did one night. 






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