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Large Haul!

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One of my best friends needed to clean out his place in order to sell it.  He hasn't lived there for several years, but the bulk of his militaria collection has been there.  In exchange for helping move stuff out and clean up, he has given me the bulk of it.  He's in his 80's and started collecting stuff during the War that relatives brought home.  Lots of Air Corps stuff, leather jackets and bomber crew clothing as well as field gear.  This is gonna take me a long time to get sorted out.

Load1 for USMF.jpg

Load2 for USMF.jpg

Load3 for USMF.jpg

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Persian Gulf Command

WOW,  That will be time well spent!  Keep your eyes on the lookout for the Parachute First Aid Kits.  If you find any I would be very interested is seeing what you found.



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The trailer is a clear sign of good luck! That’s a lot of militaria! If you find anything from the 3rd armored division, send me a shout. 😃 

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