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I picked up these two posters today. The one is iconic and you will recognize immediately.  The other poster with the Axis figures I believe was posted in a factory during the war.  I framed them myself.  Thoughts are appreciated.  Unfortunately there is some damage to both but I couldn’t resist them.  





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I believe that the poster with the stamps was hung in the GMC factory to motivate workers.

I would assume that the "Absence Aids the Axis" poster was from the same factory as it came from the same seller and has a similar motivative theme.

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First of all, you should know that people ask HUGE amounts for WWII era posters. $200... $300... $1,000. But that doesn't mean that they sell at those prices. 


I have eight or ten assorted posters, and I usually buy at $40 to $100.


Condition is critical.  Look for tears, water stains, etc. 


Don't worry too much about separation at seams on posters that were folded. If properly framed - even at home - those separations will disappear. I recommend archival document repair

tape, to be applied to the REAR of the poster.  Don't tell yourself "it doesn't matter - it's on the back, so I'll use Scotch tape."  Over time, Scotch may discolor and bleed through the poster.


In general, smaller posters are worth more than huge posters.  a) They are easier to display, and b) they are cheaper to frame.  A four foot tall poster looks cool, but there are few places

in your home where you can display them.  (Same for WWII German flags.  Huge banners are pretty much impossible to display, so they are cheaper.)


"Americans will always fight for liberty" is not rare."  Value perhaps $75 to $125.


"Knock the hell out of Hitler" - never seen by me before.  Perhaps less common, but condition is a problem.  Stained, and the stamps sort of ruin it. Probably $50-$60


Rough on Axis. A bit big, hard to display.  Hole/condition a problem. Perhaps $75.


Just my opinions. Others may see values higher.

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