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1945 Hollywood Navy blimp movie

Bob Hudson

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I've had this video clip around for a long time: it's a preview of a movie that's very hard to find. Here's what wikipedia says about it: This Man's Navy (aka Airship Squadron No. 4. and Lighter Than Air) is a 1945 World War II film about U.S. Navy airships directed by William A. Wellman and starring Wallace Beery, Tom Drake, Jan Clayton and James Gleason. It is one of the very few films, other than training films, to depict navy airships

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This was something I didn't know, James Gleason, one of the actors in it, served twice in the Army, the first time in the Spanish American War, joined up when he was 16 in 1898 and was in the Philippines Campaign, he gets out in 1901, he Re Ups in the First World War, I guess sometime in 1917 and gets out I gather sometime in 1919, they don't say what he did in both periods unfortunately, like Infantry, or Artillery etc and no service portait is out there of him.


Here he is in one of my favorite movies Arsenic and Old Lace.


Lieutenant Rooney NYPD



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