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Polaroid Goggles?

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Hello Everyone, 

I just received these goggles from a friend of mine and was hoping to get some help with info on them.  Other than the “Polaroid” marking on the top, they have no markings on them.  The only info I’ve found on these is from IMA claiming they were made under contract for the RAF during WW2.  Is there any evidence that confirms this.  This photo is  from their site, but mine are identical. I can post more photos in the morning when I have better lighting for photos. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. 



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Thanks for responding. I know the markings you are talking about on the B-8 and M1944 goggles. On this pair, those spots are completely smooth.  Here are some photos. 
     It just occurred to me that could these actually be post war commercial goggles for motorcyclists?



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This is the marking I've seen on WWII manufactured goggles..


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