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Another unmarked M3 knife


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Got this from a WW2 vets estate.  Appears to have black bakelite spacers and 8 groove handle, so I'm assuming its an early Imperial?  the ordnance bomb was obliterated, but I don't see any traces of a date or manufacturer IMG_0400.JPG.d711b9180ab20685fd8ac9afd68c416b.JPGname on the blade or crossguard. Blade measures 6.5 inches.  












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gap- As you stated, it is an early Imperial with black spacers. We can only guess why the stamps were obliterated, especially on earlier versions. Could have been made from left over parts post war, or sold as PX items, with leather sheaths. Who knows? Since Imperial made around half of all M3s during the war they had a lot of parts to work with.  Here is one of mine w/ black spacers, crossed out stamps, and commercial sheath. SKIP



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We have the same scabbard, only my leather is more worn/darker and the fastener strap/snap assembly is missing.  You can see the two holes where the staple that held it on used to be.  


The handle is in good shape and the knife is tight.  I'm wondering whether it would it be worthwhile to have it polished and reparked with a dark magnesium finish?   

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I wouldn't mess with it. Polishing or reparkerizing would change the knife's historical heritage. You did say you got it from the vets family.  SKIP

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I have never seen that before. Makes me question that it could be cracked/flawed  somehow in the stamping process, which is why blade stamping was stopped anyway, due to weakening the blades. Interesting!  SKIP

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