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2nd Army Engineers (?)


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As with the 55th Engineer patch, this was also part of a payment to sell the collection.  I'm not sure if the patch was made for the 2nd Army or it was made for the 2nd Engineer Regiment but its the only one I've seen so far.  Any comments are welcomed.  Thanks.



A-0002nd Army, Eng-F.jpg

A-0002nd Army, Eng-R.jpg

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That's unusual patch for sure and the first I've ever seen, but my thoughts are it is a 2nd Army Engineer and not a 2nd Eng. Regt.  That is a keeper for sure...









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That was one of my thoughts for its ID but I believe that if it were a battalion size unit, it would have the parent unit's patch incorporated in the design.  But with the number of unauthorized shoulder patches that were made, who knows its identification unless a photograph is posted showing a soldier with the patch on his sleeve.

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