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Not so-common Engineer Patches


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These are some of my Engineer patches that I have picked up over 30 years ago and have not seen since either for trade or sell.  They are: 516th Engineer Service Detachment; 76th Engineer Battalion, Company C, 2nd Platoon; 803rd Engineer Battalion; 806th Engineer Aviation Battalion, 896th Engineer Floating Bridge Company; and 387th Engineer Battalion (Separate).  I derived the 806th number from the number 8 pool ball', the number '0' from the ball's white background, and the number '6' from the die.  And yes, it is painted on leather.



0516th Eng Svc Det-F.jpg

0076th Eng Bn, C Co, 2nd Plt-F.jpg

0803rd Eng Bn-F.jpg

0806th Eng Avn Bn-F.jpg

0896th Eng Floating Bridge Co-F.jpg

0387th Eng Bn (Sep)-F.jpg

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Brian Dentino

Some very nice engineer patches to some "small" units.  I am sure that these are hard to find to say the least!  Love that theater made 387th tab!

Always looking for 325th G.I.R. and WWII USMC items!

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