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Tropical USMC Ike Jacket ?

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I recently picked this item up from a local picker.  I need another post-WW2 USMC tunic like I need a hole in the head (i.e. - not at all!) but I decided to acquire this particular piece on account of its unusualness.  As the photos clearly illustrate, it is a two-pocket jacket made out of a tan-colored cotton material with certain USMC-specific features (note holes in collar for EGA's and note cuff design).  It is completely unlined.  There are no tags nor labels sewn inside - only a name ink-stamped twice: M. A. MADSEN


What is it exactly?  Is it standard-issue clothing?  Is it a tailor-made variant?  Would it be correct to call it a "tropical" tunic?  Help!  I'm confused...   

USMC Summer Weight (1).JPG

USMC Summer Weight (3).JPG

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On 11/24/2020 at 10:55 PM, Linedoggie said:

Vandegrift Jacket, IIRC used until 1960 or so. Forest green versions as well


IIRC?  Sorry - I'm not familiar with this acronym.  Please elaborate a little more for me - thanks!

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IIRC = If I Remember or Recall Correctly.. (IIRC)


I have to ask my son from time to time what these acronyms mean too...


Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe..





"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr  - US Army (Retired)

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DUH - sorry guys, the name inside is not Madsen, but HANSEN.  I know that alot of Marine Corps collectors like to research the soldier, so I thought to share this additional detail - just in case it makes a difference to someone!  There appears to be a second name as well, but details are difficult for my tired old eyes to discern.

USMC Summer Weight (2).JPG

USMC Summer Weight (4).JPG

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