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Help with IDing this cotton khaki USMC 4 button please

Josh B.

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Hi all,


This was an impulse buy because it looked "strange" to me.  It's a 4 button USMC cotton khaki coat with 4 button front and belt loops but lacking a tailored belt line that differentiates it from the typical officer's wool khaki coat.  Uses brown buttons, one of which is missing from the main closure and one from a pocket.  No tag inside, but there is an ink stamp on one of the inner coat pleats that indicates "40" with one inkstamp and then   "Long" in a separate inkstamp nearby.  Anyone have a pattern name for this one?  Or am I making a fuss over nothing (I'm a USN collector and rarely buy USMC material). 


Thanks for any help...






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USMC officers blouse for warmer weather (hence, no lining).  1940s -1950s.  If it were earlier it would have brass belt hooks instead of belt loops for the Sam Browne belt.



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