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Not new, but a Name Change!

Lucky 7th Armored

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Lucky 7th Armored

Hi all,


Once I found out I could change my name I did so. I joined the USMF in 2011 as "WW2 History Buff" I was a sophomore or junior or high school and thought it was a cool name. As I got older, the more I realized I did not like my username; so i changed it to my main passion and focus. 


Some may know me as "H.R." on FB but I am also on instagram under the handles @7th_armored and @ww2usmc




Actively collecting 7th Armored Division items, groupings, etc. especially anything dealing with CO B, 23rd AIB

"Casualties many; Percentage of dead not known; Combat efficiency; we are winning." - Colonel David M. Shoup



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Well . . . Welcome to your new name! Really nice that you made this post! Haven't run into a name change yet, but this was really a good idea to post here! Brilliant!



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