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WWI 20th & 21st Eng Regt Patches - Real or Trash

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Sometime in the 80s I was asked to sell a small collection of WWI & WWII patches and was given the choice of patches as payment.  These two WWI patches were part of my payment.  I've always had some doubt about being authentic.  So, if real, they stay; fake, trash.  Thanks.



A-0020th Eng Regt-F.jpg

A-0020th Eng Regt-R.jpg

A-0021st Eng Regt-F.jpg

A-0021st Eng Regt-R.jpg

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Good question. Not a fan mainly due to crudeness of the work and the stitching. Know some collectors who stay completely away from this type of construction and will not buy.




PS By the way you showed some killer patches recently, well done.




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Thank you.  I started in 1954 when my dad, who at the time was assigned to MAAG Indo-China, took me to a store downtown Saigon that sold Vietnamese-made French insignias and I kept collecting ever since.



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