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Can anyone ID these US Navy plaques from WWII


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Wardroom has to do with officers.   All of the letter-numbers under give the location on the ship where they are.


Wardroom mess is where they eat.

Wardroom Stateroom is where they sleep.

Wardroom Lounge is where they hang out.

Head is the bathroom.

Galley is where the food is cooked (kitchen).




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23 minutes ago, manayunkman said:

Do those letter numbers give you any idea what kind of ship it is?




Today’s system starts with the deck number and the middle number is the frame number (how far back from the bow). The last letter indicates a living space. These signs would have been located over doors to those spaces and all come from the same neighborhood. I’ve never seen letters used to indicate decks on a Navy or Coast Guard vessel. Here’s an example from my last ship in the USCG.  


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