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WW1 Air Service Garrison Cap Badge?


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I recently acquired the presumed garrison/overseas cap badge below, and I would appreciate any insight regarding possible association with a military unit. It is approximately 3/4 inch in size from the wingtips.   I assume it is early and military based on the crud, wear and screw attachment. 


My simplistic and optimistic guess is that it could possibly be from the 1st Aero Squadron. For what it is worth, the acquisition goes back to someone’s relative who was in WWI.  I recognize the weakness of the provenance.  However, interestingly, if you do a Google search on badges for the 1st Reconaissance Squadron, which still exists, one variant of the modern fabric patches for the unit depicts a large number 1 with wings attached.


 I found an article written by Dr. Howard Lanham regarding Distinctive Insignia. He stated “During the war (WW1) the unofficial use of smaller unit badges began with squadron pins in the Air Service”. This information is not definitive, but it increases the plausibility that the piece may be a garrison cap insignia for the First Aero Squadron.  I welcome information regarding this matter.  Thank you.


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My quest is over, to my disappointment.  I found an exact picture online with the following explanation:


"These wings were sponsored by 'Air Trails" magazine during the late 30's through the 40's. A monthly feature of the magazine was the 'Solo Club'. It dealt with subjects on learning to fly, etc. Any readers of the article were, upon making their first solo flight, entitled to a pair of these wings by mailing in a coupon which was part of the article, along with one thin dime, and proof, such as a certified log book entry, that they had indeed accomplished this feat."


Bummer of an outcome.  

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