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Strange color UDT 13 patches


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According to my reference UDT-13 was commissioned in 1968 for the Vietnam War to help out UDT-11 and UDT-12.  They were decommissioned in 1973 two years before the war ended.  I believe by 1973 most if not all of the UDT and Seal Teams returned stateside leaving only a few Seal advisors in country.  This style UDT patch was the last variant (and ugliest) produced for UDT-11, UDT-12 and UDT-13 to wear on the left shoulder of their OG-107 olive drab fatigues.  I've attached a photograph I've kept as reference showing this style patch being worn on the last era OG-107s with the pointed pocket flaps by a member of UDT-12.  All of the UDTs were converted over to either Seal Teams or SDV Teams in 1983 which is about the same time the woodland pattern camouflage BDU began replacing the OG-107 fatigues.  I've never come across a UDT patch sewn upon a BDU.  Now these UDT-13 patches may not have ever been worn due to UDT-13 being decommissioned early in 1973.   The producer may have simply manufactured them in bulk along with those for UDT-11 and UDT-12 not knowing that UDT-13 had been decommissioned already.   The light green color of Freddy the Frog may be due to fading from the sun or something along those lines but I believe they were produced by the same folks.



OD SCPO John Day UDT-12  (3).jpg

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