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Can anybody tell if this Remington bayonet is WW1 or WW2 ?


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Blade is about 7 3/4" long. It does say Remington Arms Co Illion NY on the blade, though the inscription is partially faded. I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!





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pileofvinyl- You have what appears to be a USN, Lee Rifle Model 1895 bayonet.  These were Spanish-American War, & Boxer Rebellion era rifles, and bayonets.  SKIP

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It looks like a Lee Navy Rifle Bayonet, Model of 1895. The catch on your bayonet is missing. It was made for the Lee rifle, model of 1895.







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This appears to be a Remington No. 5 rolling block bayonet that has gone to bubba. The lower quillion has been crudely cut off, the blade given a false edge, and the press stud lost along the way. The Lee Navy bayonet had a taller muzzle ting of smaller diameter than this example appears to have.

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Boy! You guys get up early.  (I'm a west coast guy)

Here's a picture of an 1895 Lee Navy handle, made by Remington.  You can see the greater height of the the muzzle ring.

The second picture is of the bayonet that fits the Number 5 rolling block.  It also fits the Remington Lee rifle 1899. 

Your bayonet looks more like the 1899 bayonet.

Remington did not have many US contracts.  The 1899 was mostly exported to other countries like Mexico and South American countries. However, the 1899 was used by the Michigan Militia for a time.


resized_12D Lee Navy handle.JPG

1899 see blade grind.jpg

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WOW! Great catch on the differences, marysdad, and Marv.  Thanks for the comparison pics, really helped. SKIP

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