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Found these helmets in a shed.

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I don't know much about militaria, but these helmets appear to be US helmets:photo_2020-11-17_18-30-41.jpg.e3a6fcd161410783b135fc026be7db75.jpgphoto_2020-11-17_18-30-35.jpg.47a71bf48e364e2baa30907be6187dc1.jpg




The first (green helmet) is made out of some sort of plastic and only has 1 marking : SW 73  

The second helmet has no markings except an N with a circle around it.


I'm just curious of anybody know what types of helmets these are, and when they where produced.




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Hi Tim, thanks for sharing the pics.  These are actually liners for helmets, versus helmets proper.


First glance, the plastic liner looks like a Euro-clone, possibly Israeli.


The second one looks like a WWII US example.


Nice finds.

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