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E-17 survival gear


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10 years ago I picked this up and posted it on W-A. I was told it was USAAF issue, but not much more. I then asked if anyone could provide a period photo of this being worn. For 10 years I had nothing! Until I looked at some ones post on USMF. This wasn't even the topic of that post.  This is the link   

Good grief!!!!! And they are not even Army!!! They are Marines!!!!








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The crew-member on the right seems to be using custom-made target grips on his revolver. I Don’t recall ever seeing a pic showing that.

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Custom grips were sporadic but it did happen. Here is a couple images that I found of some customizing. I know have others with plexiglass too, I'll post them when I run across them. 


Crew member of VD-1




The Vanderwall twins, they checkered the grips






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