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Early 93rd Fighter or FIS patch, trying to verify era

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Can anyone confirm when this variation of the 93rd Fighter Squadron patch was worn? I am guessing it is post WW II vintage but didn't know if it might be from that interim period before the squadron was designated as a Fighter Interceptor Squadron in 1950, or if it was into the 1950's. Nearly every FIS reference I seem to find shows the insignia as the type with darker blue background and different colored bird with the 93rd FIS tab at the bottom.



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Best I have found on this version is that it was used in the early 50s. At some point by the mid 50s the went to the darker blue one with the red tab on the bottom. Not 100% confirmed though, but makes sense. They were using this emblem long before it was approved in 1958. By 1960, they had inactivated. A word of caution: The darker blue has be repro'd in the 80s on old style machines. There are quite a few originals out there, but many have flaws and should be closely inspected. The light blue one is usually good to go on both counts.

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Thank you Randy, I appreciate your information and education as always. I saw the same thing about the 1958 approval date both on Wikipedia and my old fashioned copy of Maurer's book on combat squadrons and figured they were using it well before the actual approval date. I did pick up one of those questionable 93rd FIS patches you refer to a few years ago and posted it looking for validation and at the time I think you responded with the belief that it was later made. Cheers!

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