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Early WW2 .50 cal ammo box's

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I thought I posted these before, but I could not find my post. I have no idea what these were used on. The only period photo I have found is two guys loading ammo into one with an A-26 in the background. The blue one has no ammo feed and looks to be factory made to just hold ammo. The last photo is one I found on line, but the info was missing.  It is a slightly different configuration. Any ideas?






OIP (3).jpg



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That appears to be a P-61, not an A-26 in the background. 


Also, looking at the construction of the box in the picture, the configuration/construction looks to be a little different than your boxes. 


I'm betting your boxes are still for an aircraft gun, but no idea which one. 


Looking again, I think the ammo in the picture is 20MM since the P-61 had four 20MM cannons. Are your boxes for .50 cal?

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M1, Good eye!!!! That box is for a 20mm. It's as close as I could find to what I have. Construction is about the same, not quite the same, but it is as close as I could find. The photo points in a direction. As for the P-61, You are correct. I was so focused on finding a box like mine I really didn't give that bird a second thought. My bad! Now I have to look at P-61 pics for hour after hour....gee thanks!


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So while these are not what I have. They have the same kind of material's used in their construction. They might have might have been made in the same period of time. The ones shown have been associated with use on B-17's or B-24's. Still looking for photographic proof.








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Kfields, That is interesting, beyond what the tag says what do you know about it and how did you come across it?

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I really know nothing more about it. I picked it up at a gunshow some years ago and that's about it.

I've decided to sell it here on the Trader.



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