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No Date Or Markings On Cartridge Belt- What Era?


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No Date or Markings on Cartridge Belt- What Era?  Need help finding out what this cartridge belt is for and is it WWI or prior or post WWI?  Many thanks.













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I have several of these belts, the stampings are in the pockets on some of mine, some on the inside of the flaps, some actually inside the pocket on the belt. The others in my collection are stamped in the normal places. 

Looks the same construction as my P.B.& CO 1918 belt.


M-1917 mounted cartridge belt. There were 2 examples, one without the fastener for the .45 magazine pouch, and one with a faster for the .45 magazine pouch. 

Used for 5 round strip clips, 2 clips per pocket (90 rounds) and space for the .45 magazine pouch (14 rounds).

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Many thanks guys!  I did look into the first couple of pockets and saw the markings.  It is made by P.B.& CO and numbers 6 3 16.  What does these numbers 6 3 16 mean?

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Could be the contract or manufacture date. Plant Bros. stamped their gear in varying ways; my Plant Mounted Belt is stamped in the front pocket on the left side, but on the right side is stamped on the backside of the Belt itself. On the Dismounted Belt, both sides are inner-pocket stamped.

What you have there is known as the "stitched" or "sewn" constructed Ammo Belt, which were manufactured by Plant Bros., L.C. Chase & Co., and R.H. Long. The "woven" stretch-pocket Belts were made mainly by the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Co. and Russell Mfg. Co., though the Russell Belts were more of a "puckered" pocket than the Mills ribbed elastic pouches.

Below is a Plant "stitched" construction Belt (above) and a Mills "woven" Belt (below), both Dismounted Belts. 

W.W.I Belts, sewn & woven #2A USMFB.JPG

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