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Coast Guard Captured Vietnam VC Flag

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Recently my wife’s grandfather gave me this flag because of my interest in military collecting. He was a crewmen on the  USCGC Point Grey in Vietnam. Along with the flag I made copies of many of his pictures I will share here to honor his service. Very thankful he saved this flag all these years and glad I can preserve this piece of history with an interesting Coast Guard connection. 84EC6D2E-653D-4083-AE98-52CA7857381A.jpeg.5563920a086ecbfb487c194f3636f01e.jpegA66F94E7-F4D8-48A7-A6CB-2CE1FFE3FC12.jpeg.b1144fc2c92dd2f566efdf67c5d1cfe0.jpeg71C3107A-D828-46A1-9B18-6E6358030246.jpeg.2ee4e34fe8a93eb95e3c06e71c54efef.jpeg9DCF81BF-EA4A-4515-B8BF-0BC7059E2E7F.jpeg.be64f5d3b056665866732530f2c57016.jpegDA05730F-3098-42D5-8EB3-5F3901676159.jpeg.235e93b087b92e6b60fb75ad40930a9c.jpeg

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. There are many more interesting pictures and he has many stories on what all him and his boat did during the war and when they captured this flag. It made me research more about the history of the point class cutters in Vietnam and it’s all very interesting. I hope to have this flag properly mounted and framed so it can be preserved.  

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This is unique.  I've never seen a VC/NLF flag made out of what appears to be silk.  


You will want to be careful with this... I've been reading lately that silk can degrade over time.  From your photo

that may already be happening to the red field of the flag.

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Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
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Thanks everyone. From what I have read only 26 of the Point Class Cutters went to Vietnam. Yes the red portion of the flag has deteriorated and it does seem to be silk at least the red portion. Although it looks like it was also in rough shape in the picture of them holding on the back of the boat. He thought that photo was taken in late 67 or in early 68. 

I will read on the best way to stabilize this flag and preserve it to make sure it doesn’t get much worse. I would like to have in professionally framed but If it’s not good for the flag then I won’t do that. 

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There is an article about the US Coast Guard in Vietnam in the upcoming ASMIC Trading Post. (Jan-Mar 2021).


I collect US Army chevrons and US Army Finance Corps items. I also collect CCC insignia.

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