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J.A. Dubow A-2 jacket from 6th Tow Target Sqn.


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think I could post some pics in better definition of my (only) A-2 jacket, owned since some years and named to J.I. Small.  A diamond-shaped, hand-drawn silk patch w/ emblem of 6th Tow Target Squadron is on left chest, unit was based in 1943-44 at Biggs Airfield (El Paso, TX) flying B-34 (Venturas) airplanes.

J.A. Dubow of Chicago made 108,000 A-2s during wartime, this is one of 50,000 from contract W535 AC 27-798 of April 25th 1942. Condition is very good, with just very slight abrasion on jacket's upper areas and some holes in knitted wristlets. Overall solid and without any tears/rips/holes in leather, or liner.























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