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Capt Marvel/ Shazam Unit?


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This drawing was probably made WW2 era or so and depicts Capt. Marvel riding a bomb. It is/was located on a railway bridge abutment in Pittsford,NY a suburb of Rochester,NY. Does anyone know the unit?


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The way the projectile is flat at the back makes it look more like an artillery shell then a bomb, maybe it is for a field artillery unit?



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Any forts in the area, whether active/inactive? Drum (then Pine Camp) seems too far away. 


Or arsenals? Lotta civilians had insignia from the "Home Front".


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I tend to think this is more of a patriotic thing as opposed to a specific unit. I would expect to see a number or something to make it unit specific to a unit. That said there is a unit in Europe (IIRC) that used Buck Rogers....but I have yet to see any insignia to that unit yet. Best ABN



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Thanks guys. There are military bases near by in Syracuse which was Samson, and Drum both 1 hr drive or less. Will check for others.

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