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Chest pack T-5 reserve, original or not?

Ruben Alba

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Hello everyone.

I need help, a seller offers this reserve parachute, he says it is original, but I would like to know the opinion of someone who knows more about parachutes.

The opening handle, and the elastic strings I think they could have been replaced.

thanks in advance.




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Looks good to me. Does it have an inspection card? 

You might try running it past Joshua DeJong at theriggerdepot.com


Bungee colors are significant in determining dating. The handle looks correct for the T-5 as per the Class 13 catalog. 

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I had a T-5 reserve chute that I purchased directly from a vets estate years ago, it was untouched and looked identical to this one. Bungees on this one might have been replaced at some point, but overall from my perspective it looks good.  

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