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BG Alonzo Walter


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I pick these ejection spurs up from an old neighbor of Alonzo Walter when he lived in Austin.


These would have been used on the F-104, A-12, U-2. I can find no reference to Alonzo & F-104 even though he was a test pilot @ Eglin AFB.


Alonzo attended VMI, graduated class 1949B, joined the 4th Fighter Group 1950/flew 48 combat missions in a F-86, Command Staff College 1952, test pilot at Edwards AFB, still researching what planes, pilot for Project Oxcart flying the A-12.


Also one of the 32 semifinalists for the Project Mercury.


Both spurs have "LON" on them in marker along with other to faded to read. The spurs were pulled into a bulkhead by cables below the seat and would lock the legs to it to prevent the legs from flailing during the ejection process. The license plates came with the spurs, still trying to figure out what TWG stand for.


He retired in 1974 as Brigider General.


Thanks for looking.add090624814b12923165d12fda5a379.jpg0f2f9fd94dce98a0a15a8fc67d7682e8.jpg9855eb2f9417f51b6f2d43c75e4ac06c.jpg8c7e1bc5c62c5c56160482d276aa885e.jpgeadd9472c2db00551d6bc46bfbcbefdf.jpg3e2066016d9b23ea0aab1064fb00cd83.jpgc42e6329b7043207f00b9572af8ce2ad.jpg06fdc143985f3ce6aa6fa67b36893234.jpg4f0c314123c8f6d76b612044018f8c72.jpg8f2b1c5a9f75b91d4eb89193952f3ba3.jpg


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