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Identification help? Summer Coverall

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Any help appreciated! 

I have what I believe to be a Summer weight flight suit / coveralls. However, I have no idea how to date it or even determine the size. The label with that information is completely rubbed away.


Here’s what I do knit:

Original worn condition - Signs of wear such as minor pulls and fraying

Scovill zippers (One pull replaced)

Velcro tabs at waist and cuffs


Shoulder to shoulder: 20.5"

Chest (across): 24"

Waist (across): 20"

Neck to crotch: 34"

Sleeve: 22"

Waist to cuff: 42"

Inseam: 29"


My questions:

1. Year/era?

2. Size and length?

3. Would it be Nomex?

4. If saleable, fair price?


Thanks for any help you can provide.





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Welcome to the forum. Why not introduce yourself in the Members Introduction area? First posts with evaluation requests often receive little response. I'm sure you could understand why. This is a collector's forum and there are members who do provide a professional written appraisal.

There is a category called "What's It Worth" that is a more appropriate place to ask. 


P.S. In case you are not interested in being part of the forum other than a value, I'll just say a friend gave me one of these for free to work under the car. I still have it in the closet.

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Thanks for the information, but I was more interested in the era and what size. Have to know WHAT it is before how much, right?


Are there other indications or information needed to know when these were in use?

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Likely 90s era. Not sure of the size. If you are wanting to sell these just give the measurements as the buyer is most likely interested in that more than "Med" or "Large". The only other way is to find people with many of these in various sizes and ask them to lay them out finding one that matches your measurements, then see if their label is readable and what "size" it says. Kind of a hassle and not really info that will add value to a not so collectable item if you can advertise the measurements. I would do it just to give you the "size" but mine is almost too small for me IIRC so nowhere near that size.

As kammo-man indicated, maybe $25 but that's also for an item that is still plentiful, still seen in surplus stores, and found in charity stores. I just used Google and found multiples on Ebay for $15 with no bids. Bottom line, though I don't collect such modern gear, they just don't have a big market. An unworthy item (for me) if I wanted to make a buck.


P.S. Now the camo army coveralls in the pics of your father would bring a little more!)

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Gee, thanks for all the info! 


Would that I had any of my dad's WWII stuff. After he passed, we cleaned out the house and 2 items he still had went missing:

  • His photo album - He had lots of great pictures and as I recall the album had an eagle on the cover
  • The Army Song Book - For some reason, I loved that little paper pamphlet. No monetary value, but I sure have fond memories. It looked like this one.


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Well, now my sister is mad at me.


She bought the coveralls years ago and told me to put them up on eBay for $55. After checking here, I decided to make them $35, but removed them from Militaria ('cause now I knew they were nothing interesting) and added them to Women's Clothing. They sold the next day!  However, my sister was upset because she saved them all these years and they were cool because they were all beat up and "looked liked they'd been in a war". New ones wouldn't be cool.


Moral of the story: If you have some ratty old stuff, try selling it on eBay as vintage clothing for women. You could make a bundle!😀

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LOL. Who'd a thunk it? I would assume that "Women's Clothing" hack just jumped you ahead of the multiple $15 listings and got you $35 you likely wouldn't have seen.

If she thinks $55 is likely, she can buy mine for $35 and make $20! LOL 


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