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Artillery shell "trench art"


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Got this from my FIL a few years ago. He got it from his father, a WW2 vet. My only piece of trench art. What do you have?






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Nice ashtray.


Be careful what you start.  Trench art can be addicting-- I got one piece as a gift about 30 years ago, and now I have several hundred pieces.


I posted two display shelves of planes/ miniatures/ unusual pieces on the site.



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Thanks! I like it a lot. It sat outside for almost 30 years at my FIL's house. High desert, so it didn't affect it too bad.


I already have too many expensive collections, I can't afford another. Lol

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On 11/10/2020 at 11:11 PM, 12thengr said:

Pair of 40 mike mike decorated artillery shells.IMG_20200526_104424.jpg.27d66d7da968f88ffc7899259f57075f.jpg


I see the one on the right with "Attu" on it. I'm guessing it was made on Attu island, or at least to commemorate it. Anymore information on it at all?


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Just the info on the bases, these came from an antique shop many moons ago. By the way the shells have the same artwork on the reverse sides.IMG_20200526_104742.jpg.b1dcd6d5f4dd0b76359710a759507564.jpg

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Yuri Bezmenov

These are the only pieces of trench art I own. My grandfather brought them back from Europe after WW2 but I believe they are French 37mm Pom Pom shells from WW1? They have been embossed with oak leaves and a likeness of Reims Cathedral.


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