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USAF 496th Fighter Squadron?

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Can someone help me out a little (more). I have a patch that I am having a hard time identifying. I found one other like it that was listed on Ebay as USAF 496th Fighter Squadron. I can not find anything on "this squadron". I dont think it existed. The patch never sold and was ended by the lister. So with that said, is this a military patch. I cant find a 496th Gunslingers squadron anywhere for any branch. Could this be a novelty item? In reference to something else? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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There was a 496th TFS that inactivated in 1991, at Hahn AB, Germany. They were not called The Gunslingers, but The Wild Dogs. I was in USAFE at the time and never saw anything like this from them. I think you may be on the right track with fantasy patch, maybe for gamers. I attached the patch in use at the time. Though they had another design in the 80s, it was nothing like the OP pic.

496tfs 7.jpg

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You can never discount anything, but even by this timeframe the AF took a dim view of ladies depicted like this. Then there are some elements here I've seen used on actual RF patches. The motto etc. are used here on a real RF patch. Again, these guys (496) were gone by 1991. I wonder what else the seller had that may have provided a clue?

22fs rf94-4.jpg

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