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VMF-514 | Marine Fighting Squadron 514 | The Whistling Death | Walt Disney Studios design


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VMF-514 | Marine Fighting Squadron 514 | The Whistling Death


Commissioned: 2.20.44
Deactivated: 12.9.45
Nickname of Unit: The Whistling Death
Artist: Walt Disney Studios
Date of Insigne: March 1944
Authorization: HQMC
Aircraft Employed: F4U- 1, FG-1, F6F-3, F6F-3P, F6F-5


Silkscreened on canvas with stitched edge. PX patch. | Design by Walt Disney Studios.









VMF-514 was activated on 20 February 1944 at MCAS, Cherry Point as a component squadron of MAG-51, and its first commanding officer was Major James W. Merritt. Shortly after its activation and-the receipt of its complement of Corsairs, the squadron set about the twin tasks of learning their mount and the primary weapon it was to employ in combat, the 11. 75 in. "Tiny Tim" rocket. As was the case for the other squadrons of MAG-51, VMF-514 was to take part in Project Danny against the German V-1 launch sites in Europe.


When Project Danny was canceled, the squadron was redesignated VMF( CVS)-5 l 4 on 6 December 1944 and commenced carrier qualification training. As was the case with the aviators of the group's other squadrons, the initial attempts to tame the F4U in operations "around the boat," there were several hair-raising close misses and near catastrophes, but progress was made without disaster. This training completed, Major Darrell D. Irwin assumed command ofVMF-514 on 2 April 1945. As was mentioned previously, the (CVS) portion of the designations of squadrons that had been carrier qualified appears to have been a paper designation only, and it reverted to its original designation in May.


In June, VMF-514 was assigned to MCVG-5 aboard U.S.S. Salerno Bay (CVE-110) where it was teamed with VMTB-144, and shortly thereafter, Salerno Bay and her air group were then ordered to the Pacific Theater. During their transit, Major William V Brooks relieved Major Irwin on 28 July. The squadron was en route to Hawaii when the Japanese accepted the Allied demand for unconditional surrender.


A victim of the massive wave of post-war reductions in military strength, VMF-514 was deactivated on 9 December 1945 and has remained so since.



Crowder, Michael J. United States Marine Corps Aviation Squadron Lineage, Insignia & History. Turner Publishing. 2000. pp 159.

Millstein, Jeff. U. S. Marine Corps Aviation Unit Insignia 1941-1946. p 96.



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