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thoughts on this Sampson Medal lot

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Picked this up off of e*ay. They were attached to a crude chain, that I freed them from. Sadly, there is no name engraved on the rim of the Sampson, but the Yangtze is M.No numbered and am confident that these all belonged to the same sailor. I am not all too familiar with all of the phases of the Sampson and welcome opinions on its construction / strike and also as to what top bar would it have been issued with. Thank you.

2020-11-06 19.04.57.jpg

2020-11-06 19.05.22.jpg

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Sampson looks original (as do the others).  Would have been for either USS Helena or USS Peoria.  Not having engraver hallmarks ("B" for Barber and "M" for Miller )is correct for a Sampson with Tunas July 2 on the reverse.  

Unlikely this is a "group", as it would represent at least 40 years of service.  1898 for the Sampson.  No earlier than 1937 for the China Service.




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