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M1 Helmet question


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I have a few questions I would like to inquire about, relating to my helmet.

Were M1 Helmet bales originally bent outwards, as mine are and I want to know if this is found on other helmets. Are the khaki chinstraps common on helmets made in 1945, as I have seen ones in OD7. Lastly, were there specific company made liners that would have fitted best in McCord -very late war rear seam helmets, as I know that over the years the helmets made from 1941-43 were slightly a bit higher than ones made in 1944-45 (not sure if this is confirmed).

Thanks to whoever is able to answer.

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I think the low dome helmets came out in the 1960's.

Rear seam WW2 with OD7 sounds right for a late war M1.

I think all the differ brand ww2 liners fit into McCords as they made the vast majority of M1 helmets.

And the low dome shorter steell helmets came out in the 60's.

I think they lowered the height of the steel about an inch.

Pictures when you are able. And try posting in the helmet section. Better chance of a response.

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