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Help Identifying This Training Shell


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Picked this up this shell at a gun show and I have zero idea what it is. Given the hard rubber-like material, it seems to be a classroom training aid. The fuse portion is non removable.


Shell portion states: 1400, IV, FES 18, No. 6.37.P

Fuse portion states: EKzdr C/28 awl 131 /41 and has Nazi eagle on it


Looking to get an idea of what it is and what the shell is worth.


Thank you!



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8.8cm HE replica




14 is the bursting charge number

Jg1942E is the Place, Day, Month, year of fusing with work mark.

IV is the weight class.

Stg is the type of steel used for the shell.

FES is the type of bimetallic driving band.

Sprgr A.Z. type of fuze.

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