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Items from a magic carpet ship steaming

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I picked up a set of books at an estate sale and in one of the volumes was a newsletter and certificate from a magic carpet (returning troops to the US) steaming by the USS General William Weigel.  The newsletter is a single page dated April 10, 1946.  The ship was steaming from Manila Philippines to San Francisco.  Position was given as 34 degrees 15' 134 degrees 30' at 2000 hours on the letterhead of the page.  The other is a Golden Dragon certificate for crossing the 180th meridian. 

Both are printed on cheap brown paper.  The Golden Dragon certificate has color in blue and yellow in addition to the typed wording.  I can only tell you that the man's name was "Frank" I didn't get the last name--sorry.  I assume he was a WW 2 veteran but didn't ask at the time.

I'll see if I can scan these in and post pictures.

I'm not much on collecting such things.  I was far more interested in the books.  If someone is a collector of such items, I'm sure I can make a quick deal to trade them off.


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