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High Resolution WWI 36th ID and GEN Pershing image

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So this is an odd question.  I am trying to find a high resolution copy of the attached image. It has a Signal Corps number but I can not cross reference it in the NARA photo files.  Can anyone assist me in finding a high resolution copy of this image?  It is General Pershing awarding medals to Soldiers in the 36th ID.  There is both film and still images of this shot.  I am mainly looking for the still image.  The Signal Corps image number is 157305 or 152305.  I would really appreciate the help. 


Kevin Braafladt


Looking for items relating to the 91st Infantry Division from WWI. Especially anything pertaining to the 364th Infantry Regiment.

Looking for First Army related items from WWI.





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It should be 111-SC-157305, but I'm not seeing it on NARA either.  it says only 60 some thousand records in the catalog, so its possible its not there.


I DO think the LOC also has a lot of these SC photos digitized, but not by the photo number.  Sorry I cant be of more help! 




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Contact Jeff Hunt at the Texas Military Forces Museum.




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