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Mark sale threads "Sold" or "No longer available"

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This is a reminder to members who are listing in the Sale boards. Please remember to reply to your sale threads with a "Sold" or "No longer available" (or something to that effect)! After cleaning up all of the old and out-dated threads in the sale boards, we are trying to keep it nice and organised and easy for members to use. 


"On Hold" or "Sold Pending Funds" is nice when the deal is being negotiated, but please return to your thread and mark it "Sold" once it sells. That way, other members don't think it might still be available, and the Mods can mark it as Sold, so that it also helps members know that the item is no longer for sale (and the Mods can properly handle the thread!). 


This will be a great, great help to the local Mod Sale/Trade/Wanted section janitorial staff! Already, a lot of members have been really good at returning and posting that the item is sold or no longer available. This is a just a friendly reminder to everyone to return to your sale posts and mark them as finished - however they finish! Also, if it is marked as no longer available, it won't count towards your sale post limit! 


Thanks for the help and appreciate all who have been marking their threads!

S/T/W Mods (aka Janitorial staff) 


Thank you stratasfan for this announcement. 

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