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question about 'Streak' F-15's record flights

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hello all,

here a curiosity I think could be satisfied only (in my opinion) by peoples who has got a very specific kind of information,  thanx in advance. The thing: F-15 Streak Eagle did its time-to-climb record flights of early 1975 at the Grand Forks AFB in Dakota, thus taking off from a runway that is located 912' (277 meters) above Sea Level  -    not a true start from level 'zero', rather already a 912 feet 'advantage'.

Of course not a huge figure, in certain moments of some flights such a vertical segment was covered by the plane in 0.83 seconds  (!!), however even the decimals of time were counted as good for the official result. So my question is, was that discrepance somehow corrected? For example, if flight was the climb to 3.000 meters altitude, was an actual 3,277 kept as the correct one?

Thanx very much !!  Franco.


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