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Your early M1 Carbines


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Here's my Winchester. Does not have acceptance stamps on stock; was told "it came right out of the factory" during the war. I believe it is 100% original.




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Great Inland; I have a blued II oiler but it's a little newer than yours.

As for mine, you are right that it's the one I posted over on Milsurps, along with the sling.  The original sling, oiler, and butt plate were corroded and I replaced them with the 43 dated sling and correct butt plate and oiler.  The original sling, oiler, and butt plate are in a section in my parts box so if I ever sell it, they will be available for the new owner.  Mine has the circle P on the bottom of the grip.  It also has an Ordnance flaming bomb on the flat of the barrel behind the gas piston, as well as a flaming bomb in front the trigger guard.

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1 hour ago, Der Finn said:

Here's my Winchester

I have WRA 30,621 that I posted a few pictures of earlier in this topic. Instead of posting all the pictures and description, I'm putting a link below that has it all. I like to take before cleaning pictures while breaking down a new to me carbine to document the wear patterns. I believe you'll find this link useful to compare to yours. I love the 1st style spring tube receivers.... But they had some weak areas that were soon changed.

Thanks for sharing yours.


Here's the link:




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7 minutes ago, thorin6 said:

As for mine,


I recognized it. I still have your thread saved in my favorites, along with others. You gotta love early UEF's !

Your's is one of the nicest UEF in that early range I've seen. A true Honest carbine.



I was looking for a picture I have somewhere of the Prototype Oiler they planned to use with winged edges on top and bottom of the tube, thus the reason for the I cut oiler slot, but strayed off looking in to the change over on the IS oilers marked for the Primes , like your I-I, I-W etc being blued. Years back I had a un-opened box of blued I-W oilers. I was just looking for the date when International Silver lobbied Ordnance to just generically stamp all oilers with the circled IS to save time/steps. It took them 2 attempts/letters before their request was approved. The 2nd letter was sent out Jan 25, 1943. IS got the OK about April 1943. During changeover for a short period afterward they were found stamped circled IS but were still being blued/Dulite. Shortly after they stopped the bluing/dulite finish and started applying a Phosphate/Parked finish to them which saved them more time and labor cost. Many argue these are refinished post WWII, but not the case. Not to say many weren't re-parked post WWII.


Just sharing before I forget,


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On 11/3/2020 at 6:11 PM, painter777 said:

I'd love to own a empty Carbine crate !


Here is Inland 3,531 with 5-42 Barrel. A all original Carbine, not a Restoration. Want you all to see the Oiler, A first for me.






Anyone see a Ducks Foot in the Sling Well ?






Also wanted to show the tip on the Op Slide Guide Rod, All other parts are very 1st type used.






Charlie, after seeing that oiler, the "I" cut stock makes perfect sense now! Thanks for posting that.

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