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Confederate Colt revolver holster

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This is a full-flap, military holster designed to hold the pistol at the wearer’s right side with the butt to the rear. The stud is brass, and still firmly in place. 
The flap is one-piece, long with a key-hole for the stud near its lower edge rather than a latch tab, a second hole has been punched by its owner to hold the flap down when the plug at the bottom was pushed out, and was used even when the plug was missing, the holster shows clearly the contours of a Colt 1851 Navy, it fits perfectly, when the gun is in the holster the barrel sticks out on the bottom about an inch. 
The belt loop is firmly in place on the reverse and consists of a wide, single piece of leather riveted in place with 3 rivets on top and 3 rivets at the bottom of the loop. The loop is wide enough for a sword belt and would hold the revolver straight up and down. When closed, the flap is steeply angled down to the front. Measured from the upper tip of the closed flap, at the rear, the holster measures roughly 13 1/2 inches in length.

The leather is in excellent condition, showing a makers mark on the flap near the second hole, it is firm but not stiff, with good surface, black in color, oxidizing slightly toward brown, and showing some minor rubbing and wear, but no flaking. The holster is full length. The toe plug is missing and the very tip is slightly flattened, but shows it has not been cut or broken.

This holster has seen hard use and is typical of confederate usage,

What are your thoughts on this holster?











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Great holster! Interesting it shows the contours of the gun. Worn in wet weather?

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