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M1918 Empire Forge Chest

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I recently acquired this Empire Forge Chest M1918 from Buffalo Forge Co. It appears to be very complete and works wonderful. Even has the small wrench for the bolt on the crank sprocket. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any good information on it and also I'm looking for suggestions on how to restore the outside of the chest from it's present rust.











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For the outside, I would purchase some "Fluid Film", found on the "net.  It is expensive but is both a penetrant and perseveration product.  Then I would use some fine steel wool.  I have a WW1 blacksmith display with a forge limber and a Buffalo Forge tool chest with the tool list.  Using the enclosed list, I was able to fill the chest with the proper tools.  It took 4 years to find the Gypsy vise on E-bay.  If you were ever interested in parting with your new find....


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